Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello big big world!!!!

A Little About ME...

 Well, I guess the only way to do this is to jump in and start here goes!!

  My name is Julie and I am...

  • wife to my wonderful husband of 8 years
  • mother to our 2 beautiful daughters
  • daughter
  • sister
  • friend
  • owner, creator at Dirt Road Crafter on Etsy

    About a month ago, I got this crazy strong urge to start a blog.  I have no idea why.  I know nothing about writing a blog!  So we are going to figure this out together.  Ha!  I'll try my best to keep it light, fun and interesting.  =)

   I opened my shop on Etsy in January and it has been a learning experience for sure!  I learn something new everyday.  I love it!  My shop is a hodge podge of crafts.  I have painted glass art, crochet items, jewelry, hair accessories, and office supplies just to name a few.  I have started sewing and I am working on getting some items ready to be listed in that section.  My craft space is crazy cluttered with so many different types of materials and own personal Tornado Alley.

   So that's a little about me.  Nice to meet you!!!  Check back often and see what new things my crazy brain comes up with!!!  =)

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