Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sew Crazy Monthly Challenge: Cross Body Tote Bag

A few weeks ago, I was surfing around on the Net looking for...well...anything to keep me from doing the dishes that were piling up in the sink!  Ha! 

Anyway, I came across this monthly sewing challenge and thought I would give it a whirl.

I saw this option for a  Cross Body Tote and knew that I just HAD to make it! How cute is that?!

I've done ruffles, but always have trouble with them.  This tutorial is awesome!!  

Seriously, so easy to follow!  You should try it out.

I gathered my materials...which I swear took more time than actually making the bag!  Am I the only one that just stares at my piles of fabric and can't decide which ones to use?  =)

I finally made my decision...changed my mind...and started working on it.  I LOVE THIS BAG!!!  My daughter saw it and said she wants a bag just like it except bigger to carry her school books in.  Aww.  I love it when my girls love what I make. 

So this is my version.  I wanted to put my ruffle kind of close to the side.  And I added a ribbon down the center of the ruffle.  Other than that, I stuck to the tutorial.

This bag is super roomy.  I can fit LOTS of stuff in here! 

I really love how it came out.  Now I'm off to make one a little bigger for my daughter.  Maybe a blue cheetah print...her fave!!

I am really glad that I decided to do this.  I love the idea of learning something new every month.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I can continue to participate.  =)

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