Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Attack of the Killer…

House Centipede. 

Yep. That's right. Its a conspiracy. The Effingham Coalition of Bugs have decided to target me. Let me start from the beginning. A few weeks ago, I sat on my couch and this freaky little spider bit me. It felt like a wasp sting. Little sucker packed a punch!

Next day:

I go to the grocery store and what to my wondering eyes should appear? On my head…yep…another spider. Coincidence? I think not! 

But see then they get sneaky. A few weeks go by with nothing. Nada. So of course, I forget all about it. 

A couple days ago:

I'm driving home and there is a mosquito in my truck. Now normally you just smack it and bye-bye mosquito.  Not this time. Apparently this little booger had drank 5 cups of coffee. He's zinging around everywhere!  I'm just steadily smackin my windshield trying to get him. Unsuccessfully I might add. He bit me 3 times on the 15 minute drive home. I got some really crazy looks from the other drivers. They could see my craziness but they could not see the lil skeeter pingin around my truck like a pinball on steroids.  I might have scared a few of them.  No one wanted to drive close to me.  Hmmm...   :)

Last night: 

I'm sitting at my desk writing a letter. The baby is asleep. Radio on. Just a little relaxing letter time. 

Photo courtesy of
Then THIS drops out of my vent onto my HAND!!! Aaaggghhhhhh!!!

Of course, today I'm thinking this had to be really terrifying for the lil critter. He's lolly gagging along enjoying the dampness of the vent shaft then aagghhhh…he's falling 10 feet.…which is 10,000 centipede feet. Then before he even knows whats happened, he's flung acros the room…another 6,000 centipede feet. At this point he was stomped and beheaded…the end of his story. 

AFTER being stomped...
So back to mine. Have you ever watched a silent movie? Well that is what proceeded. Attack of the Killer House Centipede: The Silent Version. I jumped up and down, squinched my face all up and did the heeby-jeeby dance. All silently. The baby WAS asleep after all.

To be continued I'm sure...

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